Jacky Bourgeois

Embrace Data-Centric Design!

I am Assistant Professor of Data-Centric Design with the Department of Sustainable Design Engineering (SDE) of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) of the Delft University of Technology 🧐.

My research lies at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction, Data Science and Design. I hypothesise that the central use of behavioural data in Human-Centred Design can turn challenges and limitations of both fields into flourishing ethical and collaborative opportunities.

For more information, have a look at my vision on research and education and the open-source tools and material I contribute. You’ll find below some excerpt of recent activities. As student, you might also be interested in the open 🚩vacancies or the completed 🎓 graduation projects.

Data-Centric Design Data-Centric Design

Latest Activities

Jacky Bourgeois, Gerd Kortuem

📜 Data-Centric Design in the Delft Design Guide

Together with Gerd Kortuem, we contributed two pages on the Data-Centric Design approach in the revised edition of the Delft Design Guide. Link to the book

Tjapko Vermeulen (Chair: Marco Rozendaal, Mentor: Jacky Bourgeois)

🎓 The making of a smart pillow

This project is featured at the Dutch Design Week: Design United 2020 Leisure is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as: “The time when you are not working or doing other duties.” During this time...

Jacky Bourgeois

🚧 D-Code Project Granted Decoding the Digital Future

D-Code will bring 15 PhD students to work together in ProtoTeams on the Fundamentals of Design Competence for our Digital Future. This IDE-led Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Trainin...

Jacky Bourgeois

🪵 The Internet of Things' Technology Stack

Switching education online, we made a short series of videos on the so-called IoT stack, the different technology layers the makes the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things, or the IoT, is ...

Pablo Ferreras Chumillas (Chair: Jacky Bourgeois, Mentor: Iskander Smit)

🎓 Exploring the adoption of the dataBox in the University

This thesis contributes to our Delft Design for Value project. The recently introduced General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) allows universities to use WiFi Access data for their research acti...

David de Witt (Chair: Jacky Bourgeois, Mentor: Emilia Ingemarsdotter)

🎓 Guidelines for designing Blockchain based bike-sharing services

In this thesis, guidelines are proposed for designing a Blockchain based bike-sharing service. These guidelines are based upon the design process of a circular bike-sharing service DAO (Decentraliz...

Jacky Bourgeois

🚩 [Closed] Intelligent Tools for Responsible Data-Driven Design

This vacancy is now closed A PhD position is available in the Data and Intelligence section at the Delft Technical University (NL). The research topic is on “Intelligent Tools for Responsible Data...

Xueyao Wang (Chair: Jacky Bourgeois, Mentor: Kars Alfrink)

🎓 Understanding the values in the context of Wi-Fi access data

For data-intensive research, Wi-Fi access data has become an important source since it’s low-cost, convenient and rich in information. It is mainly used to study people’s movement and then used to ...

Jacky Bourgeois

📖 ID5415: Prototyping Connected Product - Internet-Connected Wheelchair

On Nov 4 from 11:00 to 14:00, students of the Master Elective ‘Prototyping Connected Products’ (ID5415) will exhibit and demonstrate their work: 8 internet-connected wheelchairs with sensors, actua...

Liz Espinosa de la Rosa (Chair: Ingrid Mulder, Mentor: Jacky Bourgeois)

🎓 Connecting through Information

Connecting through Information is a participatory tool for citizens to map their Information Ecosystem. The aim is to foster citizen participation while developing data literacies through design me...