Jacky Bourgeois

I am Assistant Professor of Human-Centred Data-Centric Research with the Department of Sustainable Design Engineering (SDE) of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) of the Delft University of Technology 🧐.

My research lies at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction, Data Science and Participatory Design. I hypothesise that the central use of behavioural data in Human-Centred Design can turn challenges and limitations of both fields into flourishing ethical and collaborative opportunities.

For more information, have a look at my activites, open-source tools and material I contribute and CV. As student, you might also be interested in the open 🚩vacancies or the completed πŸŽ“ graduation projects.

Human-Centred Data-Centric Research Framework Human-Centred Data-Centric Research Framework

Latest Activities

Alejandra Gomez Ortega, Jacky Bourgeois, Gerd Kortuem

πŸ“œ CHI'23 What is Sensitive About (Sensitive) Data? Characterizing Sensitivity and Intimacy of Google Assistant Speech Records

Digital technologies have increasingly integrated into people’s lives, continuously capturing their behavior through potentially sensitive data. In the context of voice assistants, there is a misal...

Jacky Bourgeois

πŸ“… Conversation with Marit Bentvelzen - Reflection by Interaction

On Thursday, May 25th at 12:30 CEST we will have a Data-Centric Design conversation with Marit Bentvelzen about Reflection by Interaction - How technology can support users in reflecting on persona...

Jacky Bourgeois, Akari Takada, Marco Rozendaal

πŸ“œ CHI '23 Workshop paper: Designing for Visually Impaired People with Data

I’m looking forward to attending the CHI β€˜23 workshop on Data as a Material for Design and mingling with the amazing organization team! I will bring to the table some of the case studies we explore...

Jacky Bourgeois

🚩 [Close] PhD Position: Feedback mechanism for Cancer Patients through a Data-Centric, Human-Centred Design approach

As part of the PROMISE project, I look for a talented PhD candidate! Context With the increase in aging populations and cancer incidence worldwide, the accessibility of cancer care is under high ...

Alejandra Gomez Ortega, Jacky Bourgeois

🚧 DataSlip

A few month ago Alejandra and I started prototyping the DataSlip, a ATM-like machine that asks you a few questions about the digital services you use and gives you a β€˜long’ receipt capturing the am...

Jacky Bourgeois, Maaike Kleinsmann

πŸ“œ AIEDAM Perspective on Data-Enabled Design – Design Meet Data Science

Our AIEDAM thematic collection Perspective on Data-Enabled Design is finally out! Editor’s notes, by Jacky Bourgeois and Maaike Kleinsmann Data-inspired co-design for museum and ...

Speaker: Samuel Huron, Host: Jacky Bourgeois

πŸŽ™οΈ Conversation with Samuel Huron - Making with Data

Alejandra Gomez Ortega, Jacky Bourgeois, Gerd Kortuem

πŸ“œ ICED'23 Understanding the Challenges around Design Activities that Incorporate Behavioral Data

Recently, methods and approaches such as Participatory Data Analysis, Data-Enabled Design, and Contextual Inquiry have highlighted how design activities can benefit from behavioral data. This data ...

Alan Roukema, Gijs Volkers, Skip Doorn, Sophie Vlot and Ian Tiemann (Supervision: Jacky Bourgeois, Dave Murray Rust, Kostas Tsiakas)

πŸ› οΈ IoT ML Kit

Yesterday was the final presentation of the Capstone projects and our student team deliver a great data tool to support designers using behavioral data to train a machine learning algorithm. Have a...

Jacky Bourgeois

🚧 OSCD Grant for a Data-Centric Design Community

The Open Science Community Delft supports the DCD Lab with a seed fund of 10K euro to develop a Data-centric Design Community πŸ™. We will use this fund to continue our conversation on Data-Centric D...