We are working hard for the Special Interest Group on Data as Human-Centred Design Material! Join us at CHI β€˜23, on April 26th from 11:10 to 12:35, for this exciting discussion! Check out the CHI program.

What will we discuss?

πŸ‘‰ Responsibility, Participation, and Reciprocity - What is beyond data privacy and open data? How can data-centric fit and challenge existing data protection regulations and ethical frameworks in practice? What methods lead to a fair exchange of values and robust insights instead of research driven by data consumption? To what extent do these approaches reinforce or mitigate existing inequalities?

πŸ‘‰ Tools and Competencies - What is data infrastructure for design? What are data design patterns for human-centred research? How to assess data quality? How to navigate regulatorily body processes for exploratory work with personal data? What is human-centred data literacy for design? How do we teach data as material for design? What about data-enabled, data-centric, data-driven, data-informed, data-inspired, and data-aware?

πŸ‘‰ Context and Expression - In which application domain can we find exemplars of data as human-centred design material? Where do we miss them? What are ways to express data as part of the human-centred design processes? How data representations influence the design (processes) and stakeholder interactions. And how can the various data modalities and materiality support fair representation and participation with data?

Help us inform the discussion with interesting papers and activities related to Data and Design from CHI β€˜23 and beyond!

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Delighted to co-organised this SIG with Alejandra GΓ³mez Ortega, Peter Lovei, Renee Noortman, Romain Toebosch, Albrecht Kurze, Mathias Funk, Sandy Gould, Samuel Huron, Alex Bowyer.

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