Jacky Bourgeois

Embrace Data-Centric Design!

I am Assistant Professor of Data-Centric Design with the Department of Sustainable Design Engineering (SDE) of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) of the Delft University of Technology 🧐.

My research lies at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction, Data Science and Design. I hypothesise that the central use of behavioural data in Human-Centred Design can turn challenges and limitations of both fields into flourishing ethical and collaborative opportunities.

For more information, have a look at my vision on research and education and the open-source tools and material I contribute. You’ll find below some excerpt of recent activities. As student, you might also be interested in the open 🚩vacancies or the completed 🎓 graduation projects.

Data-Centric Design Data-Centric Design

Latest Activities

Jacky Bourgeois, Gerd Kortuem, Fahim Kawsar

📜 IoT'18 Trusted and GDPR-Compliant Research with the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has become a key enabling technology for data-intensive research across universities and private organisations alike. However, the recent introduction of the General Data Pro...

Jacky Bourgeois, Songshan Liu, Gerd Kortuem, Derek Lomas

📜 UbiComp'18 Towards a Domain-Specific Design Platform for Wheelchair User Well-being

This workshop paper contributed to WellComp, the First International Workshop on Computing for Well-Being in Conjunction with UbiComp 2018. Improving people’s well-being through relevant products ...

Jacky Bourgeois

🚧 DDfV Grant on 'Responsible Internet of Things (IoT) Data Research'

The Delft Design fo Value institute granted our proposal on ‘Responsible Internet of Things (IoT) Data Research’. Together with Gerd Kortuem, Alessandro Bozzon, Christoph Lofi and Asterios Katsifod...

Jacky Bourgeois

🚧 IoT Rapid-Proto Labs Kickoff

In the past couple of days, I enjoyed my time in Helsinky, getting started with our new Erasmus+ European project IoT Rapid-Proto Labs. I am looking forward to this new collaboration across Europe ...

Eleonora Fiore, Jacky Bourgeois

📜 PLATE'17 On the meaningfulness of data in product design for lifetime optimization

Planned obsolescence is generally considered as a negative business strategy that induces replace…ment needs and affects attachment dynamics, as opposed to the goal of elongating product lifetime. ...

Jacky Bourgeois

📜 Interactive Demand-Shifting in the Context of Micro-Generation

I have successfully defended my PhD thesis! I am grateful for the continuous support of my supervisors Blaine Price, Johann Bourcier, Janet van der Linden and Benoit Baudry at the Open University a...

Gerd Kortuem, Jacky Bourgeois

📜 The Internet of Things for the open sharing economy

This workshop paper contributed to the workshop IOT Horizons, a New Horizons for the IoT in Everyday Life: Proactive, Shared, Sustainable. In this paper we raise the question of how to enable grou...

Jacky Bourgeois, Stefan Foell, Gerd Kortuem, Blaine A. Price, Janet van der Linden, Eiman Y. Elbanhawy, Christopher Rimmer

📜 UbiComp'15 Harvesting Green Miles from my Roof: An Investigation into Self-Sufficient Mobility with Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are an increasingly attractive option for households to reduce carbon emissions, especially when they are powered by renewable energy. In this paper we report the results of an 18...

Jacky Bourgeois, Gerd Kortuem, Benoit Baudry, Janet van der Linden, Johann Bourcier, Blaine A. Price

📜 BritishHCI'15 Understanding and Supporting Emerging Domestic Energy Practices

This workshop paper contributed to the workshop ‘Sustainable HCI in the UK’. The home energy environment, as part of the smart grid implementation, is starting a deep mutation: (i) householders ha...

Jacky Bourgeois

📜 SustainIT'15 'Interactive demand shifting'

We are entering a key time period for home energy. While ubiquitous computing takes an increasing space in our daily life, emerging energy technologies including local generation and electric vehic...