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📖 IO1075: Software-Based Products

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This week at the TU Delft Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, we kicked off a brand new course on Software-Based Products. Together with 350 students, we cover eight modules spanning from networking, data and software design to business model, processes and ethical concerns. In addition, we run the course entirely online to deal with the Pandemic while boosting the potential of autonomous learning.

This course combines technology and business topics to teach students how to design and develop innovative software-based digital products. Students will learn about digital business models and value proposition in relation to the specification of a technical product architecture. Students will be trained to combine the roles of product manager, product designer and product developer to design and realise a digital prototype that is technically feasible and commercially viable. Students will develop a hands-on understanding of core digital technologies and software development methods through Python programming, and will apply techniques and practices for iteratively creating, validating and improving software-based products.

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