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🎓 Service Design for Supportive Health Systems

This Master thesis looks at the development of a Service Design solution for a Supportive Health System in the field of nutrition. The project is scoped within Clear, a young organisation using Continuous Glucose Monitoring technology (CGM) to support better nutritional habits. This thesis applies a mixed-methods approach, integrating quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis to answer the following questions: (1) How shall responsible parties generate a Preventive Health behaviour in the in- dividual? (2) How shall design parties integrate data in the design of Supportive Health Systems? And (3) How shall organisations deliver services that integrate Supportive Health Systems to facilitate Preventive Health Behaviour? The end goal of the final service solution presented in this thesis is to offer a proof of concept for a viable proposition in the emerging field of Personalised Nutrition. It is meant to be a guide for implementation to the collaborating organisation, and an actionable way to provide inspiration for key stakeholders of the field.

Master Thesis: TU Delft repository

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