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🚩 [Closed] Intelligent Tools for Responsible Data-Driven Design

This vacancy is now closed

A PhD position is available in the Data and Intelligence section at the Delft Technical University (NL). The research topic is on “Intelligent Tools for Responsible Data-Driven Design” and the position combines research in the Internet of Thing, Machine Learning and Human-Computer Interaction.

  • Application: 17 November 2019.
  • Scholarship: 2325 - 2972 euros monthly (full-time basis)
  • Apply here


At the Delft University of Technology, our Data and Intelligence section of the Industrial Design Engineering Faculty blends design and computer science to develop tools and methods for design engineering. We specifically aim at supporting the evolving role of designers in the design of products.

Data-Driven Design (DDD), i.e. the intensive use of quantitative data to inform and evaluate solutions throughout the design process, is becoming more important. The availability of heterogeneous data from sensors, digital media and documents enables DDD by revealing for example the behaviour of potential users or product usage. At the same time, DDD processes require methods and tools to do it responsibly, that is accounting for data subjects privacy, data collection and processing transparency, the involvement of stakeholders, data confidence and design process traceability.

The objective of this PhD project is the design, development, and study of methods and tools that support Responsible DDD processes. Thus, enabling an ethical use of data to deliver products that fit better the needs of people, the society and the planet. In the project, the student will investigate how intelligent data tools can facilitate responsible design. Specifically, the focus of investigation will be the understanding of the designers use of data in the context of product design and the limitations of the existing data tools for designers with regards to responsibility.


We are looking for a person with an aptitude for independent creative work, good team working skills, and excellent English language skills. Ideally, the candidate should have experience in machine learning, prototyping interactive systems, and conducting user studies.   

About the Lab

The candidate will join the Data and Intelligence section at the Department of Design Engineering led by Prof Gerd Kortuem and Prof Alessandro Bozzon, a growing research group comprising experts in Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Data Analytics, Crowd Computing, Human-Robot Collaboration and Design. The key mission of this group is to develop innovating methods for the design and engineering of next-generation intelligent products, services and system. The candidate is expected to contribute a human-centred perspective to existing expertise.

About Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft

The faculty of Industrial Design Engineering is the largest and broadest scientific design institute in the world, with over 2,000 students, more than 6,000 alumni and 300 staff (researchers and lecturers, including designers from industrial practice). The faculty aims to contribute to a better living environment and respond to social challenges by combining human values and desires with technological feasibility and economic viability. We are excellently placed to do so, as we ground design methods and skills in scientific knowledge from a wide range of disciplines, leading to concrete solutions.

The faculty of Industrial Design Engineering consists of three departments: Industrial Design Engineering (ID), Design Engineering (DE) and Product Innovation Management (PIM). The Design Engineering Department is a centre for sustainable system-oriented product-service development, innovation, and manufacturing. The aim of our work is to empower designers through breakthrough technology innovations and to contribute to the innovative capability and competitiveness of the creative industry sector. The Design Engineering Department comprises more than twenty faculty members with research interests in cyber-physical systems, intelligent products, internet of things, digital fabrication & 3D printing, data-intensive systems, augmented reality, human-robot collaboration, and sustainable design.

How to apply

For information about this vacancy, you can contact Jacky Bourgeois, Assistant Professor, email: j.bourgeois@tudelft.nl, tel: 015 27 82625.

To be considered for this position please send the following documents to Sara Bedin, HR Secretary, secr-de-io@tudelft.nl:

SINGLE PDF file containing:

  • A cover letter and a CV.
  • BSc and MSc academic transcripts (in English).
  • Name and contact information of two references.
  • A statement of research interest.
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