On Thursday, May 25th at 12:30 CEST we will have a Data-Centric Design conversation with Marit Bentvelzen about Reflection by Interaction - How technology can support users in reflecting on personal data. Join us online (Zoom) or on TU Delft Campus.

  • Join on in-person: TU Delft campus, Building 32 (IDE), Studio 17 Free Lunch πŸ˜‹!
  • Join online: Zoom link
  • Join our community Slack: Slack link

We will particularly discuss two of her recent papers:

A few words about Marit - Driven by an interest in the intersection of technology and human experience, she is currently pursuing a PhD in Human Computer Interaction at Utrecht University. With a focus on personal informatics systems, her research explores how technology can foster reflection on personal data. Her current fascination lies in understanding the impact that the design of metrics has on users’ perception of themselves and their overall health and well-being. By examining how metrics shape individuals’ self-perception, she aims to develop insights that can guide the creation of more meaningful and user-centered personal informatics interfaces.