Together with Amy Winters (TU Eindhoven) we wrapped the Dutch Design Week with the Making Matters dialogue as part of Design United.

We had three engaging workshops:

🌈 Flavometrics by Clarice Risseeuw: This biodesign workshop centers on the creation of living artefacts for the future every day, with a particular focus on structurally-coloured Flavobacteria. You will be introduced to the vivid living colours of these marine bacteria through real samples and our interactive digital tool, FlavoMetrics. Contemplating the temporal and responsive nature of Flavobacteria, you will develop design concepts for living artefacts that harness the distinctive potential of living microorganisms.

πŸ“Ÿ PAIRcolator by Di Yan: This data-centric design workshop is to help you gain a deeper understanding of your personal data through crafting it into physical representations and reflecting upon it in pairs. You will be invited to look at your phone data and other digital traces, taking the perspective of the person who is represented in the data. You will reflect with the help of the PAIRcolator, a data reflection toolkit. We will wrap up the workshop with a reflection on the use of this data material for design researchers and practitioners.

🎡 Sidkit by Jef Rouschop How can we utilize sound more meaningfully as an interactive element in design? This workshop explores how to design with sound from an everyday & musical perspective, in the context of interactive products and systems. You will be using a variety of tools to get hands-on with making sound, as well as a set of design methods that will help to thoroughly understand what opportunities interactive sound gives rise to. No musical experience needed.

You can catch a glimpse of the session in the after movie

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