Jacky Bourgeois

Embrace Data-Centric Design!

I am Assistant Professor of Data-Centric Design with the Department of Sustainable Design Engineering (SDE) of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) of the Delft University of Technology 🧐.

My research lies at the intersection of Human-Computer Interaction, Data Science and Design. I hypothesise that the central use of behavioural data in Human-Centred Design can turn challenges and limitations of both fields into flourishing ethical and collaborative opportunities.

For more information, have a look at my vision on research and education and the open-source tools and material I contribute. You’ll find below some excerpt of recent activities. As student, you might also be interested in the open 🚩vacancies or the completed 🎓 graduation projects.

Data-Centric Design Data-Centric Design

Latest Activities

Juin-Tyng Dai (Chair: Jan-Carel Diehl, Mentor: Jacky Bourgeois)

🎓 Explore the untapped digital data of neglected tropical disease, and provide insights for stakeholders to take strategic actions

People have been using the digital technology domain to seek solutions to combat neglected tropical diseases. Aside from feasibility and effectiveness, WHO has pointed out the importance of having ...

Nazli Yilmaz (Chair: Tomasz Jaskiewicz, Mentor: Jacky Bourgeois)

🎓 Designing Communication Triggers for the Flexible Office Setting

With the rise of remote working opportunities, the definition of office is changing and this is also affecting the way that we shape our offices. Nowadays, more and more companies are switching to ...

Marie de Groot (Chair: Jacky Bourgeois, Mentor: Gert Hans Berghuis)

🎓 An Internet of Things vision for Quooker

Master Thesis: TU Delft repository

Jacky Bourgeois, Gerd Kortuem

📜 ICED'19 Towards Responsible Design with Internet of Things data

Recent advances in sensing and networking technologies, namely the Internet of Things (IoT), have become key enablers of data-intensive design processes. However, the recent introducti...

Lucia Tramutola (Chair: Jacky Bourgeois, Mentor: Ella Jasmin)

🎓 Data Sharing for a Circular Economy

The relevance of circular economy, in these days where the environmental impact and toll of humans’ activities is undeniable, grows steadily. Circular economy, founded on three basic principles, ad...

Dhaval Shah (Chair: Ranga Rao Venkatesha Prasad, Mentor: Gerd Kortuem, Jacky Bourgeois)

🎓 A Day in a Wheelchair

Advances in sensing and machine learning technologies give rise to personal health coaches that monitor human activities and support healthy behaviour. In this context, wheelchair users can benefit...

Jacky Bourgeois

📅 Exhibition - Prototyping Connected Product

On April 8 from 10:00 to 12:00, students of the Master Elective ‘Prototyping for and with the Internet of Things’ (ID5412) will exhibit and demonstrate their work: 9 internet-connected wheelchairs ...

Wilfried Admiraal, Lysanne Post, Pengyue Guo, Nadira Saab, Sari Makinen, Ohto Rainio, Johanna Vuori, Jacky Bourgeois, Gerd Kortuem, Gerard Danford

📜 IJTES Students as future workers: Cross-border multidisciplinary learning labs in higher education

One promising way to cope with changing requirements from the labor market in the domain of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), but also to keep the field up to date, t...

Jacky Bourgeois

📅 Challenging Absolute Privacy by Design

Today I introduced the idea of Data Donation for research and design, as part of my talk at the Delft Design for Values Institute. Don’t [merely] operationalize privacy, but balance the values ...

Jesper Voorendt (Chair: Jos Oberdof, Mentor: Jacky Bourgeois)

🎓 Flowy: Designing an assistive wearable technology for children with AD(H)D that increases attention in class

Behavioral treatment shows long-term success among children with AD(H)D, but is often expensive and hard to bring into practice. Flowy is a wristband that supports behavioral interventions by givin...