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๐ŸŽ“ Design of Midway Energy (Middleware System) as part of Illuminator

This thesis contributes to the Illuminator project.

Using the energy system is part of our daily routine but the complexity of power systems and its understanding have both been confined to the experts in the field. Furthermore, the advent of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the Internet of Things (IoT), power system integration is becoming even more complex for the system planners and operators. Various clean energy technologies like solar power, massive offshore wind, Electric vehicle as well as the increasing dependency of the Prosumers to move towards a future decentralized and transactive energy market. There is hence a need to educate the general public about the important problems encountered during the energy transition as well as to provide a demystifying version of the existing power system to exhibit its complexity and its benefits of intelligent multi-energy systems.Energy System Integration Development (ESID) kit could solve this issue.This project concerns the design and development of a Middleware software system based IOT application, which runs on Raspberry PIs (RasPi), contribute to the layered bottom-top approach of the Illuminator - Energy System Integration Development Tool Kit and has the main goal to help in assisting the application layer to simulate energy system integration scenarios and will be prototyping simple proofs-of-concept for validation purpose. Itโ€™s realized as part of the master thesis curriculum of the author. On the completion of this project, there will be a generic middleware system that can be used by the end users/application layer to demonstrate energy system integration scenarios, which is scalable, reconfigurable, inter portable.Illuminator - Energy System Integration Development Tool Kit aimed to become an open-source platform depicting energy integration problems, an education tool kit, and research to prototype control algorithms for counteracting the energy transition challenges. The general public and system integrators would benefit as well as the stakeholders as it can help them analyze the energy integration challenges in a user-centric fashion.

Master Thesis: TU Delft repository

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